SAP HANA Vora is available now
March 2016

SAP SE’s newest in memory query engine, SAP HANA Vora, is now available, equipping enterprises with contextual analytics across all data stored in Hadoop, enterprise systems, and other distributed data sources.

What analytics features does SAP Predictive Analytics offer?
February 2016

SAP Predictive Analytics uses statistical analysis and data-modeling logic to create meaningful predictions about future events. Here's a breakdown of its main components.

Connected devices and the Internet of Things have led to an enormous data explosion. These vast amounts of data can offer a competitive advantage to companies that are able to gain insight from them. SAP Predictive Analytics is one tool that deserves consideration. It takes this untapped data, and applies data modeling and analysis logic to it. Then, in turn, it generates a realistic prediction of future events.


SAP S/4HANA: Influence on Logistics
January 2016

Ozone informs, that logistics processes are now integrated in the core of first major SAP S/4HANA release. Here we look at the benefits in practice.

What the Market Wants

Speed, individuality, and innovation: These are the three key demands companies have to meet. Logistics processes must produce products adapted to individual customers’ requirements and deliver them as quickly as possible. This means manufacturers have to know when the product will be ready to ship and be able to respond fast to changes.


Merry Christmas!
December 2015


Happy Eid Milad-un-Nabi Mubarak!
December 2015

Happy National Day!

We congratulate our Omani colleagues with 45th National Day!


Telco Customers will be Prepared for Accounting Standards Changes
November 2015

Ozone Consulting informs about SAP enhancements to the SAP® Revenue Accounting and Reporting application. It is designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) simplify preparations for upcoming changes in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The IFRS changes will have significant impact on how carriers recognize revenue. The software enhancements simplify the tasks of archiving large amounts of data, updating forward- and backward-looking information, and integrating with the SAP hybris® Billing solution. Ozone is the first one to deliver and implement new application for telecommunication customers within BI projects and separately.


Can what you don’t know really hurt you?
November 2015

Analytics technology is still relatively new. So is it a really big deal if IT challenges prevent your organizations from reaching better insight through granular data?

45% of all social and 43% of all sensor data goes unanalyzed. Companies often use only a narrow slice of the available information for making decisions because they lack the technology and expertise to fully harness big data.

SAP Redefines Analytics in the Cloud
October 2015

SAP SE unveiled the SAP Cloud for Analytics solution, a planned software as a service (SaaS) offering that aims to bring all analytics capabilities into one solution for an unparalleled user experience (UX). Ozone Consulting is one of the first partners to implement new solution.

Built natively on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, this high-performing, real-time solution plans to be embedded with existing SAP solutions and intends to connect to cloud and on-premise data to deliver planning, predictive and business intelligence (BI) capabilities in one analytics experience. The intent is for organizations to use this one solution to enable their employees to track performance, analyze trends, predict and collaborate to make informed decisions and improve business outcomes.

“The challenge with analytics solutions on the market today, cloud or otherwise, is the silo approach to delivering capabilities such as visualization and forecasting,” said Steve Lucas, president, Platform Solutions, SAP. “SAP Cloud for Analytics will be a new end-to-end cloud analytics experience, giving customers the ability to access all data so business users can easily discover, visualize, plan and predict. That to me is more than visualization of data, that¹s realization of success.”


MENA Football Team in SAP Сup competition 2015!
October 2015

Ozone is glad to inform, that SAP Cup football competition took place in Heidelberg.

Ozone accepted the honor role of Gold sponsor for SAP MENA football team. This competition gathered the amateur football teams of SAP Offices from different regions. The competition was provided near the heart of SAP Centre, in Heidelberg. The team enjoyed not only the game spirit and sport contest, but also has spent great time in German town.

Ozone congratulates the team with great results and waits for the next wins!

Watch video of game by the link

Ozone ©, 2015



SAP S/4HANA: Extensions with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
October 2015

As soon as the new business suite SAP S/4HANA is launched at the end of the year, SAP HANA Cloud Platform will be also be available to enable companies to build their own extensions and adapt standard business software to their needs. Ozone is one of the first integrator to work and implement new Platform.

From the end of this year, it will be possible to extend the core functions of SAP S/4HANA in two ways.

1. In-App Extensions for SAP S/4HANA

Within the core system, adjustments can be made by key users who don’t need any technical developer tools or expertise. Felix Wente and Tobias Stein, project leads and architects for SAP S/4HANA extensibility, explain the feature like this: “Customer-specific fields and tables can be inserted directly in the user interface (UI) or reports and printed forms can be tailored intuitively.” In addition, there are plans for customers and partners to be able to change or supplement the logic of standard applications using decision tables or the Cloud ABAP Web Editor.

The benefits:

Real-Time Insight for a Connected World
September 2015

We live in a connected world where Big Data, people, machines, and processes are interlinked in an Internet of everything. Immense value can be unleashed by connecting this information to the work we do every day, enabling us to quickly discover what is happening and then act with the power of collective insight. Business Intelligence solution from SAP gives you opportunity to organize and analyze big dates in the right way. In face of Ozone Consulting you will get trusted partner for realization of your ideas.

Key Benefits and Opportunities of SAP BI solution:

·        Huge and growing analytics opportunity: Information is growing at 50% per month - 800% in the next five years. Analytic platform adoption has already become the most significant spending shift in database systems in the past 10 years. Social media, the Web, and cloud computing are generating even greater need for accurate and timely analytics. Organizations earn an average of $10.66 for every dollar spent on deploying analytics, more than 1,000% ROI.

7*24 Support to SAP Business All-In-One customers is open!
September 2015

Ozone is glad to inform, that it has been granted for one year support authorization to SAP Business All-In-One customers!

Now we are authorized by Partner Center of Expertise Certification  to sell and deliver VAR-delivered support for the SAP Business All-In-One products to customers. Maintenance services include incident handling, 7x24 support availability and system performance checks. Ozone also offers other services such as on-site support and chargeable knowledge transfers. SAP maintenance services are introduced and presented complementary to basic services.

For any questions please contact us by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How Big Data Will Develop
August 2015

There is still much to look forward to in the way of technology in 2015. It’s explosive. It’s all encompassing. It’s Big Data.
Nearly every aspect of our lives are already touched by data in some way. The annoying emails in your inbox? Flyers for companies you’ve never been to in the mail? Job opportunities at organizations you’ve never heard of? These are all results of Big Data integration.
As business leaders, the Big Data space is only getting better and more organized to target candidates, clients and prospective customers more effectively through nimble platforms and streamlined practices. Here’s how you can expect to see Big Data develop through the remainder of the year.
Companies are beginning to trade in their massive hardware units for cloud-based data aggregation platforms. This is less costly and much easier for organizations to manage as they accrue more and deeper data. This agility facilitates decision-making, and as Andrew Sheridan said:


SAP BPC certification successfully passed!
July 2015

"Highly qualified professionals is one of the most important factors in ensuring the quality and effectiveness offered solutions - says Anastasiya Pavlovskaya, director of Ozone. - That is why we pay strong attention to regular certification of our staff in the SAP CIS Education».

BPC Certification


Ozone stands for healthy lifestyle with SAP MENA football team
July 2015

Last week in Dubai was held General Football Competition, where Ozone took role of sponsor for SAP MENA Team. Team showed great game during the match and achieved good results, presenting in this way an example for everyday sport activities.


Sports and healthy lifestyle is one of the main priorities of the Ozone Middle East IT company. For this reason we want to contribute to sport’s kind of events, present and promote it in society.

Eid Mubarak!
July 2015

Edi Mubarak


SAP Delivers Next Release of SAP HANA
July 2015

SAP SE announced the release of support package stack 10 (SPS10) for the SAP HANA platform, helping customers successfully extend all the key functionalities of their core business to the edge of the network where remote business transactions and events actually occur.

The latest release delivers new capabilities that help customers connect with the Internet of Things (IoT) at enterprise scale, manage Big Data more effectively, further extend high availability of data across the enterprise and develop new applications. T

“SAP HANA gives customers one integrated platform for transactional and analytic workloads,” said Quentin Clark, chief technology officer, SAP. “The new capabilities of SAP HANA ensure data center-readiness, enable synchronization of data to any remote system, extend high availability and disaster recovery of enterprise data and perform advanced analytics. We are readying our customers for the inevitable digitization of our entire economy.”

Ozone participated in Phase 2 for Etihad Railway BI project

November 2013

Etihad Railway Company was established in 2009 for the purpose of managing the development, construction and operation of the UAE’s railway network. The main purpose is to link population and industry centers within UAE.

In order to easy company’s operations, earlier this year Etihad together with Ozone Middle East started the project ‘The Provision of Business Intelligence and Reporting’.

The objective of the project is to develop budgeting reporting and analysis.

Phase 2 of the project is going to last at least the next 3 months and the purpose of it is to complete the development of the budgeting and planning of BPC and to:


  • Integrate in BW the Project System Process
  • Fulfill the Budgeting processes (BPC), adjust and/or implement in BW the requested data
  • Develop enhancements and extensions of the BW models.
  • Start working on the purchasing requirements cube for the development of the MM KPI reports


Ozone Consulting participated in SAP Forum Minsk

Ozone Consulting participated in SAP Forum Minsk.

October 2013, Minsk, Belarus

On 3d October 2013 Ozone Consulting took part in the biggest annual SAP event in Belarus, SAP Forum Minsk.

This year, SAP Forum was organized in the President Hotel and 900 business people gathered together in order to learn about new SAP opportunities.

sap forum








According to the topics discussed, it is obvious  that Belarusian businesses are more and more interested in implementing SAP solutions and become more technologically equipped. Therefore, SAP is interested to provide their solutions to the Belarusian market and help Belarusian businesses ease its work.

Particularly, Belarusian retail companies lately are more interested in implementing SAP solutions for retail business processes. Such stock issues as products abundance is a common problem for retail businesses. With SAP ERP system it is possible to solve this it by developing stock planning platform.

Fortunately, Ozone follows IT trends as well as the needs of our customers.Therefore, we are happy to introduce to you Ozone solution for retail businesses. This is a set of 5 dashboards, developed for retail performance analysis.

Top management and store/regional managers will be able to structure all big data in a visually attractive and easy way. Ozone solution for retail offers ad-hoc reporting, giving the access to real time updated information. Managers have a possibility to compare store and retail network results based on actual data and historical trends that all makes easier to spot trends and view the store efficiency.

What-if analysis enables to highlight areas for improvement or model decision outcome, giving the possibility to take pro-active actions.

Currently, Ozone is finishing up the development phase.

Curious? Follow us for the retail solution official release in the nearest future.


ADGAS project Go-Live on 22d September

September 2013, Abu Dhabi

Ozone Consulting launched Go-Live phase for ADGAS SAP BO reporting project! On 22d September the developed system started to run in the production environment.

The following support activities will be provided for ADGAS in order to ensure platform stability, continuous knowledge transfer to the team, smooth adoption of the solution by an active change management and issue resolution. It is expected that the system becomes stable and mature.

ADGAS has been the regional pioneer in LNG and LPG production and marketing in the whole Middle East and North Africa (MENA) since 1973, thanks to the company's compliance with the best international practices in the fields of industrial reliability and integrity.


adgas logo









The project aims to modernize current ADGAS reporting system with dynamic online dashboards leveraging SAP Business Objects technologies. During the project, the existing reporting solution basedon MS Excel was replaced with the new system using SAP Business Objects technologies. The solution aims to bring ADGAS the following benefits:

  • Improved visual representation of Loss KPIs with dynamic SAP BO dashboards and reports
  • Ability to analyse data from different prospects autonomously and reduce the dependency on IT
  • Latest data is presented to the information consumers at the moment of accessing the reports
  • The current solution will create a foundation for future system developments
Implementing BI for a high-end supermarket chain in the Middle East

August 2013, Middle East


Spinneys Group Limited is a prime brand retailer including a chain of high-end supermarkets and hypermarkets, operating in Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and in UAE including 29 stores in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Business need:

To increase sales and stay ahead of the competition retailers must adapt it’s pricing and offers quickly to changes in the market. Only those retailers who can spot trends early can thrive. With time sales volumes tend to grow as well as the time taken to generate this reports.

Solution overview:

The Customer has chosen SAP HANA technology for it removes the need for the IT team to optimize reports and create data aggregates to accelerate business reporting. The SAP HANA technology eliminates these administration tasks, and the solution integrates the key components into a single, easily managed environment, allowing IT staff to focus on value-added tasks.

A new reporting solution has been developed by designing analytical models in SAP HANA based on Sales, Stock, and Purchasing data taken from SAP ERP with respect to data structures and business processes specific for the client. A configured data load process has been used to load data directly by using SLT.

Semantic layers were developed on top of HANA, reporting in Hana models will be done by using Web Intelligence for the Purchasing, Stock and Sales activities of the company.


The new solution enabled Spinneys to process more complex and comprehensive requests within seconds, providing performance improvement, real-time data improving reporting performance for the business-critical subset of reports and a range of new insights that were simply not available without in-memory processing enabling companies to eliminate barriers between real-time events and real-time business decisions.

Experience the Art of Information management together with Ozone

May 2013, Dubai

Recently another annual SAP Forum and SUG MENA conference took place in Dubai on the 29th of May featuring SAP customers from across the region.

Ozone Middle East has participated in it as a Silver Sponsor, sharing its experience of work on the markets of Middle East, CIS, and Western Europe. The company explained how its local expertise and presence combined with its global technology partnership with SAP enable it to deliver unparalleled enterprise IT services.



It’s always valuable for Ozone, being a Value-added reseller in the region, to be able to get acquainted with the profile and needs of SAP users and learn about the unique aspects of SAP’s MENA-specific solutions

Ozone 10years worldwide experience is a strong potential to further improve our capacity to deliver projects across the UAE, particularly to large enterprises and the public sector.

It was a pleasure to meet the numerous guests being present at our booth. They got a chance to communicate with our consultants and hear about our experience in SAP Business Analytics and new dimension solutions like SAP HANA.

Moreover a Magic Surprise attended all our guests as they had a chance to see the incredible show of one of the leading close up magicians in the UAE who added a touch of magic to the entire event.

Business Analytics Forum 2013: Business Re-imagined

April 2013, Dubai

The event dedicated to the capabilities of Business Analytics has taken place this week at Marina Hotel, Dubai.

Ozone Middle East IT LLC has participated as one of the event Sponsors, presenting the Demo Track of Business Intelligence, describing the Analysis System of Delivery Quality implementation.

Main points being covered were:



  • Application of analytics,including predictive, on petabyte-scale data to unlock signifiacant value and improve decision making
  • Making data discovery easy, self-service and real-time - even with multiple data sources
  • Gaining more accurate and detailed performance information to expose variability
  • Forecasting more effectively to adjust plans accordingly
  • Developing and delivering more precisely tailored promotions, products and services

The event was aimed at IT & Finance leaders, helping the first to know how analytics can help them to become an indispensable advisor to the board by brining insight and foresight to their business. It also helped tech-savvy professionals to look at the common challenges and opportunities that affect them and how technology can help to achieve Financial Excellence.

Such events are good occasions for exchanging ideas and inspiration with IT counterparts to jointly drive profitable growth and maximising time by meeting multiple SAP experts all in one day and one roof.


SAP HANA Inspirience Day

February 2013, Netherlands

Another event dedicated to the SAP HANA technology - SAP HANA Inspirience Day, has recently taken place in the Netherlands office on the 12th of February , organised by SAP and its partners T-Systems and HP.

Having a varied and substantive program the event offered opportunity to discover why data-driven processes are fundamental for business, answering the question how we can make full use of data.

As nowadays data flows in abundance from within organizations , the major challenge is to obtain useful information from this data in order to bring benefit to your business.

The event offered basic understanding to the way business operates on the basis of case studies of large and medium sized organisations. Showing how processes become faster.



Ozone presented its own HANA business case dedicated to the recently started project for one of the largest Russian retailers of fashion apparel, footwear, accessories. In 2011-2012 the company has faced a vast growth and this has led to its initiative of introducing an in-memory solution to support the overwhelming growth of the company.

By implementing SAP HANA it managed to deliver superior analytics to improve forecasting, optimizing of prices and other processes. The solution brought the following benefits:

  • Faster time to value capability-faster availability of data in the enterprise in an easy-to-understand and usable format ,facilitating the process of decisions making and thus improving business results
  • Reduction in time taken for query execution as well as reduction in database read time and data load time
  • The Solution provided resulted in greater performance ,less complexity and improved efficiency
Organisations nowadays have huge amounts of data. If you use this data to good use , you can greatly increase your efficiency and outwit your competitors.
Large research firms such as IDC, Forrester and Gartner expect in 2013 and 2014 an explosive growth in the use of in-memory analytics and data processing. This can be made possible with the use of in-memory solutions.
From carefully executed comparisons we can conclude that SAP HANA in many cases is the preferred solution.


SAP Field Kick-off Meeting Barcelona

January 2013, Barcelona

Recently the official annual kick-off for SAP experts took place in the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain at the Fira Gran Via Conference Centre on the 21-23 of January 2013.

SAP FKOM is a premier field sales event of the year where SAP sales teams and partners come together to hear the strategy, direction and focus for the year ahead, get insight into new programs and tactics to accelerate the companies business growth, network with SAP executives and meet the industry peers  from across the region in order  to gain and exchange information that will drive success in 2013.

All attendees, including SAP strategic partners gain direct insight into SAP vision and business strategy going forward.The main goal of the meeting was to take full vision of SAP business strategy for the future and be able to examine the new international opportunities.

Ozone is always first in line to be updated on the business idea of SAP and to share it with every customer.



SAP HANA demand generation

December 2012, Dubai

Remembering the past Year, we cant but mention that one of the key moments of December  was a successful delivery of the HANA demand generation event and subsequent HTA (HANA technical Academy) on December 17th.  Despite the unusual rain on the very morning, we had 12 attendees from 5 organizations with 8 of them attending the compressed version of the HTA.
Among the key highlights of the event we can mention:

  • Event Format (a very informal and interactive format with business sessions in the first half, followed by HTA)
  • This format was well appreciated by all attendees (it provided them greater opportunity to interact and get answers to all queries and concerns from the team present)
  • Very positive response with 100% satisfaction from all attendees
  • Great presentations from IBM team with deep and locally relevant content
  • Without exception, every individual attendee participated and made all the sessions very interactive (in both tracks).

We should also express our gratitude to the members of Ozone team for preparing the HTA with an agenda perfectly suited for the audiences to take advantage from business and technical sessions.

Season's Greetings

Dear Colleges and Partners!

Our most cordial wishes for this holiday season.

The New Year is the time of unfolding horizons and the realization of dreams, may you rediscover new strength and garner faith with you, and be able to rejoice in the simple pleasures that life has to offer and put a brave front for all the challenges that may come your way.

Wishing you a lovely New Year,that will give wings to your dreams and let them come true.

Hope you enjoy better luck in all professional pursuits of 2013!

Ozone team



Improving efficiency,speed and quality of business decision making with SAP HANA

August 2012

SAP HANA is a new platform for analytics and applications; it is chracterised with such powerful features like: significant processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities and text mining capabilities. SAP HANA enables to accelerate key business models and processes by leveraging innovative solutions. It moves databases from stored on a disk based technology to in-memory, providing instant answers to complex queries-and better decision making across the enterprise, producing reports quicker and analyzing information better, in comparison with traditional database infrastructures.

Becoming a SAP PartnerEdge Service partner with SAP CIS

July 2012, Minsk

In this summer season we are glad to share the news  of signing the contract for SAP Partner Edge Service partnership with SAP CIS.

Becoming a SAP partner in the CIS region as well, Ozone is now covering Asia, Africa, ME and Europe regions all together.

New Office Address

New Address

June 2012, Minsk

We are glad to inform our customers and partners that our Minsk office has moved to a new address. Now our new office is located on the second main street of Minsk - Pobediteley av, not far from the city center.

You can find the new Contact Information on our company website.


Now is the time,this is the place


May 2012, Dubai

Following the positive feedback received from the SAP Forum Sugmena 2012 in Dubai,UAE  we would like to share our impressions on the event. First of all we should stress that attending Sap Forum and Sugmena Conference in Dubai as a Silver sponsor this year offered a great chance for us and we haven't missed it.


Golden Byte 2011

May 2012, Minsk

During the last week of May we have visited the annual festive award ceremony of Golden Byte 2011- the highest professional award for the achievements in the field of Information Technologies.

106 HTP resident-companies participated in the competition. The winners of 5 categories were honored and awarded. The competition was held in the following categories:

  • The investor of the year
  • The best HTP foreign development center
  • The best HTP regional development center
  • The fastest growing IT company
  • The most active implementation of IT in the Republic of Belarus

The festive award ceremony of Golden Byte  2011 took place on the 25th of May, 2012 in Minsk. The awards in the form of specially designed memorable signs were presented to the leaders of Belarusian software and IT solutions.


Exhibiting at Hannover Messe

April 2012, Hannover


Ozone Consulting presented its IT-developments at the international exhibition Hannover Messe-2012, which was held in Hannover on April 23rd-27th, 2012.


SAP EMEA President visiting Belarus

March 2012, Minsk

Due to the first SAP forum being held in Belarus on the 21st of March, SAP EMEA President, Frank Cohen visited Belarus. In his interview given to the bielorusian portal he  kindly agreed to talk about the forum, innovative SAP Business Solutions and to share SAP plans on Belarus and CIS region for the oncoming year. He also told about the main difficulties a company may have while implementing SAP solutions and about the ways to overcome the economic crisis by using innovative technologies.

This is an extract from the interview:

Visiting the First SAP forum in Belarus.

March 2012, Minsk

Ozone took part in the first bielorusian SAP forum taking place on the 21st of March 2012 in Minsk. The main purpose of the last forum was to increase the effectiveness of corporate management and investment attractiveness of Belarusian companies on the basis of modern integrated information systems and technologies (IIST).Three sectional sessions were devoted to a detailed familiarization with best international and domestic experiences solutions implemented in SAP.


Ozone new project in Bahrain


February 2012, Bahrain

Recently Ozone has been involved in a new project in Bahrain. The client is a leading aluminum smelter on the market.


The company needed to have a consolidated visual display of the company’s information to gain an instant insight into the company’s performance.

SAP HANA - business at the speed of thought.

January 2012, Minsk


Recently one of our BA consultants, Konstantin Semyonov, attended the SAP course "TZHANA_96 SAP HANA appliance" which took place at SAP MENA Dubai ,U.A.E .There he got new information on SAP HANA which stands for SAP's High-Performance Analytic Appliance and is a relatively new product launched by SAP in December 2010.

New Year Party

January 2012,

Every December Ozone celebrates the oncoming New Year with a big Christmas party.

Ozone Company helping orphan children on New Years Eve.

December 2011,


Before Christmas a team of employees of Ozone decided to take part in a charity project.  They decided to help an orphanage for orphans with speech disorders.

The participation in the project was completely voluntary and the majority of our employees were eager to participate.

Ozone Company becomes a SAP Partner

Ozone has signed a Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement with SAP in December Company signs a VAR agreement with SAP

Sapphire Madrid 2011


Madrid,November 2011

On the 9th and 10th of November 2011 Ozone was in Madrid promoting our company and services.



October 2011, Abu Dhabi

Our Ozone team has recently visited SAP World tour 2011, which took place in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Abu Dhabi , U.A.E on the 19th of October.



Ozone developing SAP BO technologies

Minsk,September 2011

We have accumulated a solid experience in the BI area that enables us to work with all aspects of the BI system. Besides extensive knowledge of core SAP BI features we now also mastered expertise in SAP BO products.

Ozone gets its first customer in Belarus.

OZONE gets its first customer in Belarus

Minsk,August 2011

Continuing its global growth, Ozone has signed its first contract in Belarus with a multisectoral retail operator JV “NTS” who specializes in developing retail chains of neighborhood store supermarkets in Belarus.

Ozone Consulting moves to a new office building.

Minsk,July 2011

Ozone Consulting moves to a new office building.


Opening Ozone Middle East IT LLC



Constantly developing our company is making another step in its growth stages. We are glad to announce the opening of Ozone Middle East in Abu Dhabi on the 21st of July, expanding its reach in the region's fast-growing economy.

more Ozone in the news

Minsk, Belarus, 2007 - 2009

"More news flashes and interesting projects of Ozone."

Ozone's other news facts and projects.

Ozone goes to Switzerland

Zurich, November 2008

"Ozone gets first customer in Switzerland"

Ozone has signed a contract with SAP service partner Data Migration.

Ozone opens classroom

Klimovichi, April 2009

"Ozone opens a new classroom in Klimovichi"

Ozone sprovided modern equipment for a computer classroom.