Improving efficiency,speed and quality of business decision making with SAP HANA

August 2012

SAP HANA is a new platform for analytics and applications; it is chracterised with such powerful features like: significant processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities and text mining capabilities. SAP HANA enables to accelerate key business models and processes by leveraging innovative solutions. It moves databases from stored on a disk based technology to in-memory, providing instant answers to complex queries-and better decision making across the enterprise, producing reports quicker and analyzing information better, in comparison with traditional database infrastructures.

Our team has mastered relevant expertise in this new cutting-edge technology,having participated in study programs both in the Middle East and in CIS countries and being certified in SAP HTA.

We have developed an approach to adopt SAP HANA within any organisation, brining in our business domain expertise and technical skills we help our Customers in finding the best solution, identifying the best areas that can be improved with SAP HANA and conducting a POC SAP  HANA installment.