Becoming a SAP PartnerEdge Service partner with SAP CIS

July 2012, Minsk

In this summer season we are glad to share the news  of signing the contract for SAP Partner Edge Service partnership with SAP CIS.

Becoming a SAP partner in the CIS region as well, Ozone is now covering Asia, Africa, ME and Europe regions all together.

Since the moment of our establishment we've been constantly growing: applying new skills, gaining new partners and customers and thus opening to new markets.


In 2011 we made a huge step towards our growth by opening a new office in Abu Dhabi, UAE increasing the company’s exposure to the Middle East and meeting the needs of the expanding market of the region. In the same year our company managed to become a SAP VAR partner in the SAP MENA region.

We got an unprecedented experience  level due to collaborating with such huge companies as Al Futtaim (retail Industry), Aluminium Bahrain                ( Manufacturing),Oman Ministry of Finance (Government sector),Sara Lee  (food production),ADGAS (Oil & Gas industry) etc.

We appreciate this award and will be glad to grab the possibility of opening to new markets of CIS countries and to bring our new customers the experience, technology & skills we’ve already mastered while working  in the ME region.

Being located in the center of Europe on the merge of the Eastern and the Western cultures and becoming the SAP partner in the CIS region would give us a great possibility to bring our ME market experience and knowledge on the CIS market  becoming  a technology bridge between West and East.