Project for Gazprom
Business Case

Within the scope of the complex automation, basic business processes should be transferred into SAP ERP/BI system for the number of GAZPROM’s divisions. Implementation of an information-management system to support hydrocarbon fuel sales requires both extensive reporting and accessible database of operative information which will allow to make timely administrative decisions. During this project the following processes were automated:

• “Supervisory control” which implements the forecast of gas supply against contracts.

• “Planning of the foreign currency revenue“which implements planning of revenue key figures.


Solution Features

Gazprom chose SAP BI solution with functionality of Integrated Planning. This choice was made because of close integration with SAP ERP and Microsoft Excel. As a part of the solution, current business process were investigated and formalized to answer the questions how the input data for revenue forecasts is generated and what is involved in the supervisory control. On the basis of conducted research IP applications were developed for planned data input and storage at the database with the functions of short-term and long-term planning.

In addition, actual data was extracted for further analysis to compare with planned data and make corrections. In the planning process applications versioning and authorizations were implemented. Also, the solution was prepared for the integration with the other components of the GAZPROM information-management system.

Delivery Approach


For the purpose of smooth communication, which is the critical driver for successful delivery, Ozone collaborated closely with Gazprom and subcontractors. A dedicated team was built up with professional and skilled BI consultants. Due to the high IT security level remote access to the SAP development environment was not possible, therefore the team was present onsite during the entire project. Ozone’s consultants spent 6 months onsite exercising control over the project at blueprint, realization and go-live stages.

Tools & Technologies

SAPNetWeaverBI 7.0 (including Integrated Planning), SAP ERP (SD), ABAP/4