KPI solution for supporting decision making process



Business case:

The current ALBA KPI reporting system is represented by a solution on MS Excel and doesn’t provide a clear visual representation of the data, involving laborious work to prepare new reports due to the need of handling numerous files & data entry. The system is human dependent for a lot of manual work is involved in the reports preparation process. Unsurprisingly, a need to modernize the system has arisen.

Solution Features:

The solution is intended to modernize the current ALBA KPI reporting system    with dynamic online dashboards leveraging SAP Visual Composer, SAP Integrated Planning and SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius technologies.

The following business requirements were put forward:

· New reporting system should leverage existing ALBA software bringing in no extra license costs

· The system should improve visual representation of datar

· The system should diminish manual work involved in preparation of dashboards

· New dashboards should be available both in online and offline form (pdf reports)

The solution brings:

-Highly improved visual representation of KPIs with dynamic SAP Visual Composer tables and specially developed built-in Xcelsius graph component

-Possibility to store all dashboard data at one place - SAP BI server

- Instead of number of data entry excel sheets there is one portal page ( SAP Portal + SAP IP)

-Possibility to broadcast reports via email

- Division by roles -each manager is analyzing dashboards related to his responsibility area, different  users can enter actual data for a subset of KPIs, according to security profile

- Dynamic view - actual data at the moment of accessing dashboard is presented to the information consumers, not at the moment of report preparation.