Recently there have been several cases of Ozone website name copyright infringement that occurred in different domain zones and resulted in attempts of registering a domain name that is totally identical to the domain name of the Ozone group of companies’ web-site name.

Considering this we announce that the website ozone-oo.com is exceptionally our resource whose copyright we announce here publicly.

JLLC Ozone Consulting, Ozone Office Offshoring B.V. and Ozone, Ozone Middle East IT LLC are trade names registered accordingly in Belarus, the Netherlands and UAE.

We ask to consider this information, in order to avoid being involved in relations of dishonest competition from the side of those who may use the Ozone group of companies’ first level domain name in their internet resources.

Ozone has no liability for any content being presented on the websites who refer to our domain in their domain names, unless this is not stated by us for public usage or is defined by a court decision that came into law.