SAP EMEA President visiting Belarus

March 2012, Minsk

Due to the first SAP forum being held in Belarus on the 21st of March, SAP EMEA President, Frank Cohen visited Belarus. In his interview given to the bielorusian portal he  kindly agreed to talk about the forum, innovative SAP Business Solutions and to share SAP plans on Belarus and CIS region for the oncoming year. He also told about the main difficulties a company may have while implementing SAP solutions and about the ways to overcome the economic crisis by using innovative technologies.

This is an extract from the interview:



“…. - You have a representative office in the Belarusian capital, as well as many partners. What are the plans for the development of this ecosystem? Maybe you'll create  Belarus-based, resource centers serving   other countries as well?

-It’s great that Belarus has such a well-developed ecosystem. You are right Belarus is exporting its talents know-how of SAP-and this is a very important asset. I also believe that Belarus should continue investing in this sector. For there exists a very high level of demand on competent specialists in the region. As well as in western and Eastern countries. Certificated bielorusian consultants have all the necessary knowledge and can work not only in the CIS countries but all over the world due to the opportunities we have today. Our experience is very promising and we will certainly consider all appropriate opportunities here. I think that both our partners and the country as a whole should develop the service business, the engine of future growth.... "

The full version of the interview can be found at: