SAP HANA - business at the speed of thought.

January 2012, Minsk


Recently one of our BA consultants, Konstantin Semyonov, attended the SAP course "TZHANA_96 SAP HANA appliance" which took place at SAP MENA Dubai ,U.A.E .There he got new information on SAP HANA which stands for SAP's High-Performance Analytic Appliance and is a relatively new product launched by SAP in December 2010.


HANA is a new flexible, multipurpose, agile-changing in-memory computing software. The SAP HANA platform, a combination of this in-memory software and leading SAP partner hardware, can help to query multiple types of data sources in real time, in volumes and at a speed like never before. SAP HANA is an integrated database and calculation layer that allows the processing of massive quantities of real-time data in main memory to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions from virtually any data source.

With SAP HANA you can :

· Make smarter decisions - faster, with real-time analysis

· Create innovative applications to improve planning

· Enhance and accelerate business performance

· Reduce TCO with less hardware, maintenance, and testing.

· Get flexible views of analytic information in seconds

· Instantly explore data from virtually any data source


SAP HANA is a highly perspective product that’s why a knowledge transfer course  on key aspects of SAP HANA was held in Ozone’s office  in Minsk in the first days of the year. New product concepts were introduced to get the overall benefits  of using the newly acquired knowledge.