New Year Party

January 2012,

Every December Ozone celebrates the oncoming New Year with a big Christmas party.



The event took place in Minsk, Belarus, at a restaurant located in the very heart of the city. It has already become a tradition to our company to conduct this evening in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s why all Ozone’s friends & partners as well as our employees’ families are invited to join the party.

This year party was marked by recounting several significant events which occurred in the previous year creating a worthy recital of 2011. Among them was of course our Company opening the Ozone Middle East IT LLC with an office in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E .This event  marked a new step in the company’s growth and further expansion in the fast-growing economy of the region. Among other significative achievements of the outgoing year we should also mention that Ozone became a SAP (VAR) Partner which of course gives Ozone new possibilities and provides us with numerous benefits and prospects for the future.

One of the main moments of the evening was the  presentation of a personalized diary with the company’s logo. The diary was presented by the company’s Board Member Anastasiya Pavlovskaya during her congratulatory speech to each employee of the company.The New Year party turned out to be a perfect occasion to summarize the results of the year and to welcome not only our guests but also the newly arrived employees at Ozone.