Ozone Company helping orphan children on New Years Eve.

December 2011,


Before Christmas a team of employees of Ozone decided to take part in a charity project.  They decided to help an orphanage for orphans with speech disorders.

The participation in the project was completely voluntary and the majority of our employees were eager to participate.


Due to our employees response we managed to gather a significant sum of money.

All the money was consequently used for buying prime necessity goods and toys for the children. The donation was a great and very welcome help to the orphanage.

They had not received any donations for approximately a year and the goods were more than welcome.

For their part the Children’s Home expressed great appreciation and gratitude for the help Ozone gave them. They don’t receive a lot of charity despite being in dire need of it.

This made our gift even more precious and we are glad we could be of help.