Ozone hosts SAP seminar

Minsk, Belarus, June 2009

"Ozone hosts first SAP seminar in Belarus on innovative data archiving solutions."

Ozone hosted an SAP seminar on "New methods for digital data storage and archiving"

In the luxurious Crowne Plaza Hotel in Minsk, Ozone hosted an SAP seminar on “New methods for digital data storage and archiving”. The seminar presented an innovative archiving solution called JIVS. JIVS is short for Java Intranet Viewing System. The solution has been developed by Data Migration AG, Ozone’s Swiss partner. JIVS makes legacy data operationally available in an SAP environment. Consequently, the solution makes the continued existence of any legacy system itself obsolete, which produces significant TCO (total cost of ownership) savings.
The Deputy Director of Belarusian High Tech Park, Alexander Martinkevich, opened the seminar, followed by a presentation on Information Lifecycle Management by Andrew Vasiliev, Ozone’s NetWeaver expert. Anastasiya Pavlovskaya representing Ozone and Paul Hipsagh representing Data Migration, jointly presented the JIVS solution. The presentation made clear that JIVS can be installed on any kind of platform, can archive data without any losses, and allows for storing and accessing any archived data volume without any time limits. The seminar was closed with an outline of Ozone references, presented by Valery Ryabinin, Ozone’s Business Intelligence expert.
Seminar participants, ranging from Belarusian authorities, ministries, banks and manufacturing industries, claimed to highly value the JIVS solution in particular and the seminar in general. The seminar was the first large-scale public appearance of Ozone in Belarus.