ProRail is responsible for the Dutch railways infrastructure. About 3.200 employees make sure that every day, 24/7, 1.200.000 people and 100.000 tons of cargo reach their desEnaEon, with over 6.000 trains across 6.830 kilometers of rail track. It is ProRail’s mission to improve the accessibility of The Netherlands by delivering an operaEonally available and safe railways infrastructure. ProRail distributes space available within the network of railways, organizes all train traffic, informs cargo carriers as well as travelers and commuters, builds and maintains train staEons, develops new rail track and repairs and maintains exisEng track including switches,
signals and crossings.


Business case

ProRail has developed the program ProFit: “Professionalisering van de financiële planning en rapportage m.b.v. IT systemen”. The purpose is to improve the financial planning and reporting processes as part of the Planning and Control cycle of ProRail. ProFit has been implemented via SAP Business Intelligence, alongside with its Integrated Planning functionality. Taking into account the complexity of the planning process and a number of experienced performance issues, ProRail asked for an independent quality assessment of the given solution, including directions for improvement.

Delivery approach

The assignment has been executed by Ozone in close collaboration with Just-BI. In a first stage of the audit, an in-depth understanding of the application "as is" was developed in little time, requiring proven expertise in SAP IP. From this understanding, the actual quality audit was executed next, applying a systemic approach and the standard SAP check tools.



Audit results

As a result of the audit, multiple directions for improvement were formulated for different aspects of the given solution: data warehouse architecture, data model, performance, user friendliness, data lifecycle management and flexibility. Proposed improvements were grouped together based on their importance (must have, nice to have, etc.) and on their time implication and impact (long term/short term), allowing ProRail to make informed decisions for improvement.



Direct benefits

ProRail asked to implement some of the proposed improvements that were indicated as crucial. As a result of these improvements, the performance of some of the planning screens of the IP application has increased considerably: response times were reduced from 26-30 sec to 5-7 sec.
Salient to note in this respect is the fact that ProRail's current SAP services provider had already spent considerable amounts of time on performance improvements, without any significant results yet. Ozone was able to bring direct results as a short-term spin-of of the quality audit, providing real value for money to ProRail.



Tools & technologies

SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 Integrated Planning, standard SAP check tools.



Customer references

Paul Koppenberg, project leader at ProRail.
Barbara Kiendl, partner at Just-BI.
Contact details available upon request.



Contact Andrei

For more information about the ProRail audit reference, please get in touch and ask for Andrei.