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SNV is a Dutch development organization focusing at developing countries world-wide. Its sole purpose is to generate and contribute to lasting impact on the lives of poor and disempowered people. Headquartered in The Hague in the Netherlands, SNV is currently present in 32 countries with over 1,500 representatives, who aim to support local initiatives for generating production, income and employment opportunities, and for improving access to basic services. During its 45-year career, SNV has evolved from a voluntary into a professional organization for developmental cooperation. Its expertise in technical assistance and its personnel's commitment to non-commercial goals still typify SNV.


Business case

SNV is largely financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, SNV has to openly account for its achieved performance and communicate its planned performance. But how to collect KPI budgets and actuals from offices in remote regions in Africa, Asia and South-Eastern Europe with poor internet connectivity and bandwidth, or with no connection at all? The existing KPI solution in SAP BW 3.5 for budgeting and analyzing HR and CO data was not suitable. It was decided to transform it into a light version, to be developed in SAP BW 3.5 as well. As part of the application’s technical transformation, its content in terms of KPIs was to be redesigned too.



Solution features

The new, light KPI application required a scalable data model, so newly introduced KPIs could easily be calculated and reported on the basis of available, historical data. The structure of the existing application for KPI budgeting and reporting though was not flexible enough to easily transform it in line with the required changes. Hence, a completely new data model and subsequent KPI application was adopted. Around 60 KPIs are now supported in 4 strategic perspectives: human resources, strategy management, organizational management, and development projects. For budgeting purposes, the majority of KPI budget values is automatically calculated as a result of built-in BPS logic. To become less dependent upon the quality and availability of internet, a broadcasting solution was developed that enables the reporting of KPIs via email or in an offline mode.



Tools & technologies

SAP BW 3.5; SAP BW-BPS 3.5; SAP BEx (Business Explorer); SAP WAD (Web Application Designer); ABAP/4.



Delivery approach

For the purpose of smooth communication, which is the critical driver for successful delivery, Ozone collaborated closely with Just-BI, a SAP BI services provider in the Netherlands. Just-BI installed the project leader and the lead consultant, who remained onsite during the project at all times and who interacted closely on the business site with SNV. Ozone provided the required SAP BI consultancy skills. From time to time, our consultants teamed up with TNT and SNV in the Netherlands, but the major part of the integrated solution was developed, tested and implemented remotely in Minsk.



Customer references

Jan Schouten, P&C Officer at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation.
Koen Lapre, partner at Just-BI.
Contact details available upon request.


Contact Andrei

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