Ozone in the news

Oxford, UK, August 2009

"Ozone enters the UK market on a SAP CRM 7.0 project."

Ozone is proud to have reached a new milestone in its professional development.

With the latest collaboration between Ozone Consulting and AgilityWorks, we have been able to enter the UK market. The project was successfully delivered by our masterful consultants and developers who saw to it that the quality and service delivered was of the highest possible level. The business case sought to connect SAP CRM 7.0 to SAP ECC transactions via SAP GUI. Simultaneously, CRM functionality was to be enhanced by means of EEWB (Easy Enhancement WorkBench) and CRM Web UI screens, developed with BSP (Business Server Pages) and Webdynpro for Abap technologies. The complication was the absence of ITS, which dictated the necessity of using a transaction launcher.
Entering new market territory in the UK has filled us with pride, especially because of the way we have been able to accomplish this: on a SAP CRM 7.0 challenge. The combination of teamwork, innovativeness and commitment has enabled us to launch our broad skill set and to come this far. We look forward to continuing to grow in the UK with SAP CRM services.


Minsk, Belarus, June 2009

"Ozone hosts first SAP seminar in Belarus on innovative data archiving solutions.

In the luxurious Crowne Plaza Hotel in Minsk, Ozone hosted an SAP seminar on “New methods for digital data storage and archiving”. The seminar presented an innovative archiving solution called JIVS. JIVS is short for Java Intranet Viewing System. The solution has been developed by Data Migration AG, Ozone’s Swiss partner. JIVS makes legacy data operationally available in an SAP environment. Consequently, the solution makes the continued existence of any legacy system itself obsolete, which produces significant TCO (total cost of ownership) savings.
The Deputy Director of Belarusian High Tech Park, Alexander Martinkevich, opened the seminar, followed by a presentation on Information Lifecycle Management by Andrew Vasiliev, Ozone’s NetWeaver expert. Anastasiya Pavlovskaya representing Ozone and Paul Hipsagh representing Data Migration, jointly presented the JIVS solution. The presentation made clear that JIVS can be installed on any kind of platform, can archive data without any losses, and allows for storing and accessing any archived data volume without any time limits. The seminar was closed with an outline of Ozone references, presented by Valery Ryabinin, Ozone’s Business Intelligence expert.
Seminar participants, ranging from Belarusian authorities, ministries, banks and manufacturing industries, claimed to highly value the JIVS solution in particular and the seminar in general. The seminar was the first large-scale public appearance of Ozone in Belarus.


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, April 2009

"OZONE expands into the Middle East!"

Ozone signed its first contract in Saudi Arabia with a major distributor and wholesaler of various FMCG. Andrew Vasiliev, Head of the Netweaver department states: "This is a great step forward for us, since the Middle East is a very interesting SAP market. However, it is a competitive arena due to the local presence of a multitude of Indian SAP consulting companies. Nevertheless, we've been awarded this exciting opportunity because of our high standards of quality and efficiency!" The project is located in Jeddah, one of the biggest industrial cities in Saudi Arabia. Ozone provides senior level SAP NetWeaver Portal expertise.


Klimovichi, April 2009

"Ozone opens a new classroom in Klimovichi"

JLLC Ozone Consulting, our Belarusian subsidiary, and High Tech Park of Belarus (HTP), provided modern equipment for a computer classroom in Klimovichi high school. This investment allows the school to provide education at an up-to-date level and also to provide undergraduates with high-speed internet access. The opening of computer classes at villages and regional schools is one of the important social priorities of HTP. "The Project aims to increase the quality of education and consequently of the competitiveness of undergraduates. For us it's a big honor to participate, because today we make history. By investing in our children, we create our own future", says Anastasya Pavlovskaya, Director of Ozone Consulting. Facilitating computer classes in a village school is a good example of Ozone’e social policy. In 2008, Ozone Consulting awarded the winners of the Regional School Scientific Conference at the Minsk Institute of Education Development.


Minsk, December 2008

"Ozone celebrates New Year together with customers and partners"

Like in previous years, Ozone will again host a vibrant New Year Party in Minsk in 2008.
In contrast to previous celebrations however, invited guests not only relate to our complete staff and respective partners, but to our customers as well. In particular, we warmly welcome our Swiss guests from Data Migration AG, who will visit Mink on this occasion for the very first time. Most likely, it won't turn out to be their last visit, since the New Year Party is Moulin Rouge themed...


Zurich, November 2008

"Ozone gets first customer in Switzerland"

Continuing its global growth, Ozone has singed its first contract in Switzerland with SAP service partner Data Migration AG. This step forward was a part of the plan of maintaining and extending leading SAP outsourcing positions in local markets in Europe. Data Migration AG is a leading SAP provider with its principle interests in Business Applications, SAP Technology, Data Migration & Product development. The company has been working on SAP market since 2002. Data Migration has completed more than 150 SAP projects.


Berlin, October 2008

"Ozone visits the SAP TechEd"

For the first time in its existence, Ozone visitied the SAP TechEd. The 2008 edition was hosted in Berlin. According to Andrei Zhakhavets, our senior SAP BI consultant who is stationed in The Netherlands, it was a great success: "Thanks to the record number of SAP technical experts, customers, partners, and employees, I had ample opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate at this outstanding educational event. It was especially interesting, since the experience connects with our pursuit to integrate SAP Netweaver and Business Objects, a topic that received loads of attention."


Minsk, August 2008

"Ozone Consulting moves to new office"

The Ozone Team moved to a new office close to the city center. Head of BI department Valery said: "That was a long-expected event. We’d been thinking about this for a long time. The office looks modern and convenient. In my opinion, we made a right decision."
In connection with moving, Ozone kindly informs you about its contacts changes. Our new address is: Kharkovskaya str. 58, Minsk, Belarus, 220022, tel. +375(17)2519965, fax: +375(17)2524785.


Schiphol-Lijnden, July 2008

"Ozone signs first contract for its 'Extended SAP Office for SMEs'

It took some time, but finally Ozone signed off its first contract with an SME company: Planhold. SMEs are of special interest for Ozone, since companies in this market segment are directly accessible, in contract to the Large Enterprise (LE) segment, which is the exclusive domian of large system integrators.
Planhold’s IT department lacks the required SAP resources and competences. In addition, budgets for SAP development are restricted, which makes it hard for local SAP services providers to make affordable propositions. Hence, Ozone’s “Extended SAP Office for SMEs” proposition was welcomed as a favorable alternative. The value that Ozone has to add to SMEs like Planhold is obvious: high-quality at low-cost.


Minsk, July 2007

"Ozone Consulting gets admitted to High Tech Park in Belarus"

The Supervisory Board of the High Technologies Park (HTP) considered an application from Ozone Consulting Company to become resident of the Park. The Director of Ozone Consulting Mrs. Anatasya Pavlovskaya said: "I’m very glad that we have successfully become a resident of HTP. It’s a real support for business developing due to taxes exception and special conditions. From another side, it is also a question of prestige to be a part of HighTech environment, to have an opportunity participating in IT events and picking up new experience. Membership is very important for Ozone . It opens us new business opportunities."
High Technology Park of Belarus aims at boosting the competitive power of the national new and high technology-based sectors, developing modern technologies and expanding their exports, as well as attracting to the sector both Belarusian and foreign technologies. Residents of HTP are excepted from different kind of taxes.


Minsk, June 2008

"Ozone Consulting celebrates its 1 year existence"

Ozone Consulting took a historical tour across Belarus by visiting castles in Gol'shani and Krevo. Social theatrical event was arranged in Korchevsky’s Estate. Lera Kaygarodova, the HR manager of Ozone: "Such holidays are very important for people. It makes us feel close to each other. Ancient environment with exciting knights’ battles, amazing fire show performance and extra activities made this great trip unforgettable. I’m looking forward to another one!" Ozone's corporate culture is guided by the vision that "The company benefits when every employee benefits". These sorts of events are regular part of Ozone's life.


Maastricht, April 2008

"Ozone visits VNSG congres in Maastricht"

April every year, the VNSG (Association of Dutch SAP Users) organizes its two-day VNSG congress in Maastricht, The Netherlands. This congress offers the possibility to get acquainted with all relevant SAP services providers in the Dutch market. Participants and visitors are offered a perfect platform to exchange visions and experience. For Ozone, this year's edition was a special one, since our partner TopForce officially launched its NDC (NetWeaver Development Center) proposition. This proposition is founded upon a close collaboration between TopForce and Ozone, where we bring our remote NetWeaver development capabilities to the table. This joint proposition has been initiated as the result of a previous and successfull collaboration on a development assignment for Human Inference.