NS (Dutch Railways) (pdf)

Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen or NS) is the national train operator in the Netherlands, formerly owned by the Dutch state. NS services on average 1,1 million customers per day. For this purpose, NS employs 25.000 people and operates 4.500 train passages every day on one of the most dense and most highly occupied railroad networks in the world. Its main strategic aim is to enhance punctuality of train arrivals. Among its main competitors in Europe, NS holds a top-3 position regarding arrival punctuality. This is an important asset in the ongoing liberalization of the European public transportation sector, where only the strongest and best performing railway companies will survive.


Business case

NS has over 60 different HR processes in place, like updating personal dossiers, requesting for holiday leaves and reimbursing claimed expenses. The execution of these multiple processes typically requires multiple people acting in varying roles such as managers, employees and HR call center staff. In addition, these processes require information to be retrieved from and stored in multiple sources, like Personal Information, Payroll and Time Tracking. To reduce complexity and consequently to save time, the eHRM project was initiated to create a commonplace with a single entrance (i.e. portal) for integrating the multitude of people, processes and sources involved. All functionality provided by the portal should be intuitively appealing and highly convenient for the user. Also, its design should be in full accordance with the NS look&feel.



Solution features

Since NS has numerous SAP solutions in place for recording transactional data, like SAP R/3 and SAP CRM, the obvious choice for developing the required HR portal was SAP Enterprise Portal. The portal solution of SAP is intended to facilitate people integration and provides a very convenient and user-friendly interface for this purpose. To enhance its functionality for the purpose of process integration and information integration at the same time, the HR portal development was embedded in a layered overall architecture. This architecture was composed of a set of business packages, including SAP XI interfaces, BAPIs and web interfaces. The web interfaces were developed in SAP WebDynpro and Adobe Active Forms, which allow for a fully customized appearance.



Tools & technologies

SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0, SAP NetWeaver XI, SAP R/3 HR, SAP WebDynpro, SAP Developer Studio, SAP Design Time Repository, SAP Enterprise Portal Theme Editor, Adobe Active Forms.



Delivery approach

For the purpose of smooth communication, which is the critical driver for successful delivery, Ozone collaborated closely with TopForce, a SAP NetWeaver services provider in the Netherlands. TopForce installed the project leader and the functional consultants, who remained onsite during the project at all times and who interacted closely on the business site with NS. Ozone complemented the team with qualified WebDynpro and XI development skills. As a consequence of the high level of IT security at NS, remote access to the SAP development environment was not possible. Hence, Ozone had to fly in its consultants from Minsk from time to time.



Customer quote

Antoine van der Velden, Managing Consultant at TopForce:
“On the eHRM project at NS, Ozone got quickly acquainted with the applications under development and greatly contributed to a positive result. Although the Ozone lead WebDynpro developer did not master the Dutch language, there was a very good collaboration between him and the team. Ozone has really helped us to successfully deliver the eHRM project on time.”



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