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Stork is a technology company in the industrial manufacturing industry. As the market leader of its industry, Stork provides industrial systems, components and services that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its customers' industrial production processes. Stork employs over 10.000 people in about 50 operating companies that cover three strategic lines of business: Aerospace, Food Systems and Technical Services. Stork’s history dates back to 1827, when the company was founded in Amsterdam. In the beginning of 2008, Stork has been taken over by a private equity consortium.


Business case

One of the Stork operating companies experienced the need for enhanced control in the Human Resources (HR) domain. Management information on relevant HR issues was lacking, although SAP BW was already in place for reporting purposes. Also, a user-friendly solution for hands-on monitoring and analyzing HR-related key performance indicators (KPI’s) was not in place. Furthermore, valuable HR data was still residing in the HR module of the SAP R/3 system and therefore not available for the desired analytical solution. Clearly, this situation was blocking the vital flow of processing, grouping, presenting and distributing HR information and therefore hampering the ambition to gain control.


Solution features

First, a set of 9 KPI’s on relevant HR issues was designed to fulfill the management information requirements. This design included metrics such as personnel retention, illness rates, flex degrees and absolute and relative FTE amounts. Since Stork Industry Services was already using SAP BW for reporting and analytical purposes, it was obvious to use it as the technology base for developing the desired HR functionality. After completing the configuration of appropriate data models in SAP BW, HR data related to personnel movements, time management and employment contracts, were successfully loaded from the R/3 source into the data warehouse environment. In this environment, KPI actuals are calculated and reported, including a group of detailed reports underpinning the KPI’s for analytical purposes. All HR information is presented to the user via the web. This solution is delivered consistent with a web interface approach that preserves Stork’s house style and contributes to lower maintenance efforts.


Tools & technologies

SAP BW 3.5, SAP BEx Query Designer, SAP Web Application Designer, ABAP.


Delivery approach

For the purpose of smooth communication, which is the critical driver for successful delivery, Ozone collaborated closely with Just-BI, a SAP BI services provider in the Netherlands. Just-BI installed the project leader and the lead consultant, who remained onsite during the project at all times and who interacted closely on the business site with Stork. Ozone provided the required SAP BI consultancy skills. From time to time, our consultants teamed up with Stork and Just-BI in the Netherlands, but the major part of the solution was developed, tested and implemented remotely in Minsk.


Customer quotes

Koen Lapré, Managing Director at Just-BI:
“It must be said, the HR analytical application as developed and delivered in close collaboration with Ozone, was received with great enthusiasm and delight by the Stork project leader, who now feels more than confident to sell it as a required HR improvement to his operating company management.”


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