MidOceanBrands (pdf)

MidOceanBrands operates internationally with more than 40 years of experience in the promotional products industry. The company is an industry leader, having 10 sales offices and 3 distribution centres in Europe and 2 purchasing offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Through its global supply chain, MidOceanBrands provides a range of 4,500 different product items to a customer base of 15,000 distributors.

Business case
Management reporting on financial, sales and delivery performance was initially implemented in MS Access. Data for the solution were taken from multiple sources, like SAP R/3 4.7 (SD, FI, CO and MM modules) and the MidOcean webshop. This solution produced a number of severe drawbacks. For starters, system performance was low as a consequence of the limited database size of MS Access. In addition, no functionality was provided for user-friendly analysis and navigation purposes (drilling-up and -down), no flexibility was provided for empowering users to create their own reports, distribution of reports to management was cumbersome and MS Access creates an issue regarding system maintenance and data security.

Solution features
In order to eliminate the experienced drawbacks, it was decided to create a data warehouse. Given the SAP dominance in MidOcean’s landscape of data sources, the Business Warehouse of SAP was the natural choice. At first, the desired reporting and analysis functionality on financial, sales and delivery performance was implemented in SAP BW3.5. After some time, the BW3.5 system was upgraded to SAP BI7.0, by the time this release had proven its maturity in practice.

Delivery approach
For the purpose of smooth communication, which is the critical driver for successful delivery, Ozone collaborated closely with Magnus Management Consultants, a well-known SAP BI services provider in the Netherlands. Magnus installed the project leader and the lead consultant, who remained onsite during the project at all times and who interacted closely on the business site with MidOcean. Ozone provided the required SAP BI consultancy skills. At project kick-off, our consultant teamed up for one week with the project leader and lead consultant in the Netherlands, after which parts of the solution frontend (reporting) and the entire solution backend were configured and implemented remotely in Minsk.

Tools & technologies
SAP NetWeaver BW3.5, SAP NetWeaver BI7.0, SAP BEx (Business Explorer), SAP WAD (Web Application Designer), ABAP/4.

Customer quotes
René Peters, Managing Director at Magnus Management Consultants:
“Outsourcing of work packages to Ozone forced us to enhance the quality of deliverable specifications, which reduced the amount of rework. Also, it forced us to define concrete chunks of work, which enhanced the quality of the project planning. Finally, it created a healthy pressure on the project, since it was our job to create continuous loading of Ozone's back office. Unexpectedly, this pressure clearly enhanced the overall progress of the project.”

Luuk Degen, Project Leader at Magnus Management Consultants:
“The Ozone consultants brought the required knowledge and experience to the job, were eager to work and delivered at the anticipated quality level. It turned out that our fear for laborious and ineffective communication was without reason, since Skype and email created continuous contact between our front office and Ozone's back office.”

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