Dockwise Shipping (pdf)

Dockwise Shipping provides overseas logistics services. It is the world market leader in shipping extremely heavy cargoes and extraordinary engineering structures. Since 1994, the company has been transporting a variety of freights, ranging from a 75 m long zeppelin to one of the world's largest semi-submersible drilling platforms with a weight of more than 59,000 tonnes. In order to carry out these special projects, Dockwise has a total fleet of 15 semi-submersible vessels. The company’s head office is located in Hamilton, Bermuda, and its main commercial office is located in Breda, the Netherlands. The company’s worldwide presence is maintained through sales and marketing offices in the USA, China, South Korea, Nigeria, Australia, Italy and France.

Business case
Given the size and complexity of customer orders at Dockwise, every order is treated as a separate project. Hence, the planned rollout of SAP R/3 required specific attention for the PS (Project System) module. One of the stated user requirements for the PS module was to provide functionality for real-time and visual monitoring of geographic positions and movements of the Dockwise fleet around the globe. However, this is no standard PS functionality. SAP provides its own GIS (Geographic Information System) solution, developed in partnership with ESRI, the world’s leading GIS software vendor. However, this solution was not fully covering the Dockwise needs and would require additional license costs. Hence, it was decided to consider open source alternatives. The open source GIS alternative today is of course Google Maps. It was decided to integrate Google Maps with the PS module for creating custom GIS functionality.

Solution features
The solution’s architecture is layered and consists of 3 main components: 1) PS module; 2) data buffer; 3) web application. In the PS module, all transactional data per individual project are stored, e.g. data about vessels, ports and cargos. The data buffer increases the data transfer from the PS module to the web application and thus tunes the technical performance of the solution. It is the web application that integrates Google Maps functionality through custom ABAP development. This application is operated through a web interface, providing web functions and services for visual and real-time monitoring of Dockwise vessels. Besides monitoring, other functions are supported, like reporting, planning and printing. Reporting is enabled through 8 key performance indicators, like fuel consumption and vessel speed. Planning of vessel routes is enabled due to the connection to Google Maps Library. To close, printing of geographic maps is easy and convenient due to the user-friendly printing interface.

Delivery approach
For the purpose of smooth communication, which is the critical driver for successful delivery, Ozone collaborated closely with CTAC, a leading SAP R/3 services provider in the Netherlands. CTAC installed the project leader and the functional consultants, who remained onsite during the project at all times and who interacted closely on the business site with Dockwise. Ozone complemented the team with required ABAP development skills. As a consequence of the high level of IT security at Dockwise, remote access to the SAP development environment was not possible. Hence, Ozone had to fly in its ABAP developers from Minsk from time to time.

Tools & technologies
SAP R/3 PS, Google maps, ABAP/4, Smart Forms, BADi, User exits, FM, ActiveX, Javascript, AJAX, HTML.

Customer quote
Armand Lavèn, Business Unit Manager at Ctac:
"One of our international consulting teams has worked several months on a full-cycle SAP implementation at Dockwise. We involved our nearshoring partner Ozone to add value to the project in the area of ABAP programming. Indeed, added value has been delivered, since Ozone complemented our team with proven ABAP expertise at an unprecedented cost level."

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