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Planhold is a Dutch SME providing wired and wireless network services in the Telecom industry. For customers like KPN, UPC, Casema, Essent and Eneco, Planhold installs and maintains communication networks for aDSL, VoIP and cable internet. Planhold runs a service operation with 250 service technicians answering 250.000 service calls a year. The Planhold Group consists of several companies, like Planhold Services, Parkplaza, Thuistechniek Diensten, VerkeersInformatieDienst, D Squad en Epuls, each with its own specialization and unique product-market combination.

Business case

To manage the diverse activities of the Planhold group, group management needs to be supplied with up to date information about financial and non-financial performance of individual operating companies. It is obvious that management information locked away in Planhold’s SAP ERP system needs to be made available in a real-time mode and in a presentable format. Also, increased support requests are anticipated, which call for a cost-effective solution.

No big challenge at first sight. However, Planhold’s IT department lacks the required SAP resources and competences. In addition, budgets for SAP development are restricted, which makes it hard for local SAP services providers to make affordable propositions. Hence, Ozone’s “Extended SAP Office for SMEs” proposition was welcomed as a favorable alternative.

Solution features

Since all Planhold companies run SAP ERP, SAP BI 7.0 was selected as the platform for reporting and consolidation. As a first step, it was decided to design and develop basic financial statements, i.e. cash flow statements, P&L statements and balance sheets, both at the level of individual operating companies and consolidated at the level of the Planhold Group at large.

For designing relevant reporting content, Ozone consultants cooperated closely with Planhold business process owners. The actual development of the solution included the set-up of an authorizations framework, since different people within the Planhold organization have different information rights.
For presentation purposes, financial reports were developed in the company look-and-feel. For distribution purposes, financial reports were made available through the web.

After designing, development, testing and go-live, the SAP BW 3.5 architecture (i.e. data stores, info cubes and queries) was taken into support remotely for a full-cycle experience.

Tools & technologies

SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0, SAP BEx Query Designer, SAP BEx WAD (Web Application Designer), SAP Visual Composer, ABAP/4/OO.

Delivery approach

Ozone’s SAP competence is mainly organized in Minsk, Belarus. In this remote competence center, part of our development and delivery capacity was designated for Planhold’s SAP operation. As part of Ozone’s “Extended SAP Office for SMEs” proposition, this capacity claim was flexible and not fixed, since we understand that SAP capacity demands for SMEs fluctuate over time.

For the purpose of smooth project communication, which is the critical driver for successful delivery, and for the purpose of gaining business understanding, our SAP consultants teamed up in the Netherlands with Planhold business process owners from time to time. However, the majority of the development, testing, implementation and support efforts were executed remotely in Minsk. Clearly, this mode of delivery contributed to a cost-effective solution.

Customer quote

Robert Shalders, Director IT at Planhold:
“Alexey, Andrew, Anishchenko and Anastasia; indeed, the perceived price/quality rate is more than Triple A!”

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