What services we offer

To make nearshore supply of our SAP resources and expertise available onsite in Western Europe,

we provice three main services: 1) SAP outsourcing services; 2) SAP extended outsourcing services; 3) SAP sourcing services.

SAP Outsourcing Services
With our SAP outsourcing services, we move your SAP operation to our SAP Competence Center in Eastern Europe. From there, we to fulfill your SAP needs remotely. We offer a pool of SAP capacity, expertise and competence, that you can tap into and virtually connect your SAP operation to. E.g., your SAP operation may relate to the development of a WebDynpro application for new Portal functionality, to the migration of your SAP BW 3.5 data warehouse to the SAP BI 7.0 standard, or to the continuous maintenance and support of your existing SAP system landscape. We have all the required SAP expertise in place, as well as all the required consultancy roles, ranging from project leadership to lead consultancy to functional consultancy to technical consultancy to technical development to after-go-live support.

Our SAP outsourcing services typically require that you install a SAP-competent linking-pin inbetween you or your endcustomer's business and our nearshore SAP Competence Center. This linking-pin or liaison-officer (a project lead or lead consultant) smoothens and fuels the required flow of communication and cooperation between geographically disconnected team members.


SAP Extended Outsourcing Services
With our SAP extended outsourcing services, we offer you the exact same as with our regular SAP outsourcing services, however at a higher level of convenience, your convenience that is. We do so by installing the required linking-pin ourselves. By doing so, we extend our SAP back-office into your front-office and physically connect our SAP operation to yours. This set-up fuels the vital flow of communication and cooperation between your onsite SAP operation and our remote SAP resources and expertise. In addition, it is a more efficient solution for your, since this mode of working relieves you from the vital coordination effort.

Ozone has negotiated specific arrangements with the local, Dutch authorities, which make it possible to get authorized work permits for our non-EU staff swiftly. In other words: we are organized to actually switch payrolls and to make our consultants physically available in the local Western European market for linking-pin purposes, without the typical inconvenience of visa procedures.


SAP Sourcing Services
The arrangement we have with the local, Dutch authorities that enable our SAP extended outsouring services, puts us in a position to provide SAP sourcing services as well. Because of this arrangement, we can staff your regular SAP capacity requests with non-EU candidates. We have a pool of SAP candidates available, in our Belarusian back-office and in our broader Eastern European recruitment network, that are eager to relocate to Western Europe. Feel free to submit your SAP requests to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , we might have the right candidate for your onsite job assignment.