Real-Time Insight for a Connected World
September 2015

We live in a connected world where Big Data, people, machines, and processes are interlinked in an Internet of everything. Immense value can be unleashed by connecting this information to the work we do every day, enabling us to quickly discover what is happening and then act with the power of collective insight. Business Intelligence solution from SAP gives you opportunity to organize and analyze big dates in the right way. In face of Ozone Consulting you will get trusted partner for realization of your ideas.

Key Benefits and Opportunities of SAP BI solution:

·        Huge and growing analytics opportunity: Information is growing at 50% per month - 800% in the next five years. Analytic platform adoption has already become the most significant spending shift in database systems in the past 10 years. Social media, the Web, and cloud computing are generating even greater need for accurate and timely analytics. Organizations earn an average of $10.66 for every dollar spent on deploying analytics, more than 1,000% ROI.


·        BI is no longer a “nice to have”: it has become a necessity to compete successfully in today’s marketplace. High-performing companies are 50% more likely to use analytic information strategically. Per Gartner, analytics is the #1 priority in 2013.

·        Extreme analytics: Every company thinks it has a Big Data problem because every company is facing BI overload. The volume of data and content is increasing, as are complex regulatory and general reporting requirements. In addition, there is the need for predictive analytics, not just historical information. Big Data and more data in the cloud further heighten demand.

·        Integration and single truth: Multiple departments accessing the same “right” numbers shift the business focus more productively from “who has the right number” to “what to do.” This drives the critical requirement to seamlessly pull together more data sources and databases, along with more data, from wherever the data sources reside.

·        Self-service BI: BI no longer requires significant IT involvement and sometimes requires no IT resources. The BI tools range from canned reports to ad hoc queries to dashboards to visual reports, all driving demand to drill down further in real time, across all users - not just power users.

·        Mobile and BYOD: People now expect real-time analytics to be available anywhere, anytime, on any device. The workforce is not deskbound, and employees at all levels expect to get answers when and wherever they want.

·        LoB-led purchasing: Departmental purchasing decisions are dramatically increasing, led by and using the budget of line of business (LoB) heads, often under the radar of IT.

·        Data discovery and visualization: Users expect to be able to easily access their data and display it so they can “see” the implications. Visualization goes beyond standard charts and graphs to more sophisticated dials, gauges, time-series and fever charts, and heat, tree, and geographic maps.

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