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Nowadays with the increasing competition and stringent, continually evolving environmental and legislative regulations manufacturing is never easy. Though the use of BI can significantly improve both the performance and power of manufacturing:

We have a considerable profile of working with world leaders of the manufacturing industry. Some of them are: Aluminium Bahrain BSc., Emirates Aluminium.

Manufacturing companies today require more flexible business models and real-time decision making intelligence.  Our experience and deep analysis of this business has enabled us to figure out the most widely spread problems and issues in this business domain. As well as to work out a set of solutions based on business Intelligence (BI ) technology , helping to tackle this problems in a most efficient and time saving way.


KPI solution for supporting decision making process

The Supply chain of today’s manufactures as a rule involves many parties, in this process the quality and cost of products depends on transparency and collaboration. A common problem that many of our customers face is reduced visibility and lack of visual representation of the data.

Ozone offers manufacturing companies several options of gaining real-time visibility across all the supply chain, by using business Intelligence (BI) solution and thus supporting the company’s decision making process.

As a result what our customers receive is:

  • Maximized efficiency due to  high level of visibility across the organization
  • Highly improved visual representation of KPIs  
  • Possibility to store all dashboard data at one place - SAP BI server
  • Instead of number of data entry excel sheets there is one portal page ( SAP Portal + SAP IP)
  • Possibility to broadcast reports via email
  • Division by roles -each manager is analysing dashboards related to his responsibility area, different  users can enter actual data for a subset of KPIs, according to security profile
  • Dynamic view - actual data at the moment of accessing dashboard is presented to the information consumers, not at themoment of report preparation.
  • Collaborate effectively with suppliers, partners and customers to improve business agility
  • Optimize innovation processes to drive enhanced time to value

Tools & Technologies:

SAP Visual Composer, SAP BI Integrated Planning and SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius


Enable world-class budgeting, forecasting and performance reporting.

Budgeting system objectives are:

  1. Providing management with the ability to track and monitor the process of budgets creation with the ability to see the status of each step and taking actions where needed.
  2. Implementation of budget responsibility structure that will enable the budget owners with the relevant set of KPIs.
  3. Automation of all the budget calculations where possible to make sure the users are focused only on value-added activities. Applying driver- and allocations-based approaches to maximize the budget KPIs accuracy.
  4. Embedding mechanisms for further evolution of the system with minimal customizing activity.

Forecasting system objectives are:

  1. Implementation of forecasting based on actual data of the past periods – rolling forecast approach.
  2. Enabling users to make corrections only to needed budget items, allowing though for full compatibility with budget and actual data.
  3.  Implementing separate forecasting process with its unique set of steps and participants.

Performance management system objectives are:

  1. Implementing flexible mechanisms of KPI calculations.
  2. Enabling users to easily create their own reports for ad-hoc requirements, though only on data within their responsibility.
  3. Enable full integration with other SAP reporting tools, like SAP BOBJ BI set of products, as well as with SAP BW BEx Analyzer.

Tools & Technologies:

  1. SAP BPC 10.0 NW – for planning, forecasting and plan-actual reporting on data within BPC.
  2. SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence – for integrated reporting on BPC and non-BPC data
  3. SAP Netweaver BW
    1. For data extraction from ECC, data staging and as direct data source for BPC.
    2. As data target of BPC data used in WEBi reports, based on BW cubes.
  4. ECC (e.g. CO-PA) as data source of actual data.


Implementation of budgetary planning and control system 

As a result what our customers receive is:

  • Possibility to budget and control costs and revenues by responsibility centers, analyze products’ profitability, model different scenarios and versions of data, perform what-if analysis.
  • Possibility to support the principal budget factors, including sales volume, machine capacities and materials supply limitation.
  •  Functionality of automatic summarization for top-level master budget calculation, comprising the budgeted profit and loss account and budgeted cash flow statement.
  •  It also contains pre-configured actual-budget reports for controlling and replanning purposes.
  • Process-driven budget system with each employee being aware of the tasks assigned to him as well as the sequence of the tasks.

Tools & Technologies: SAP BPC for NW 7.0 Xcelsius

Blueprint conduct


Speaking about the delivery approach itself, we additionally suggest our customers to conduct a Blueprint implementation. It will bring following benefits:

·                Help to define a clear business and technology strategy, systems design and architecture, applications implementation strategy, network infrastructure using industry best practices

·                Lead to a provision of a problem solution intended to modernize the existing system

·                Enable the team to share what they know, to the Customers advantage

·                Identify new, efficient and innovative business paths and guiding the team in adopting them

·                Taking a flexible approach and providing the tools the company will need to make the next leap forward

·                Doing whatever it takes to achieve end results that create enterprise value.

 Below is an example of what steps the Blueprint phase may include:

1.                   Questionnaire

2.                   Gathering requirement


Expertise and hands-on experience, proven methodologies, tools and accelerators combined with deep industry knowledge. All this adds up to services and solutions that help you get more from your SAP investment by increasing productivity, reducing total cost of ownership, and improving service execution and reliability


About Us

Ozone is a Dutch based SAP sourcing and outsourcing services provider with an Eastern European SAP Competence Center located in Minsk, Belarus. We bridge onsite demand for and nearshore supply of SAP resources and expertise. We exist to complement the SAP operation of our customers in Western Europe, CIS and MENA regions.Our customers are either SAP specialized services providers or SAP-run endcustomers.


What We Do

We are a company specialising in BAT this stands for Business Analytics Technology , with the main focus  on business analytics. 

∙             SAP BO

∙             SAP BO dashboards 

∙             SAP BO Web Intelligence

∙             SAP Crystal reports

∙             SAP Analytics 

∙             SAP BI Integrated planning 

∙             SAP BPC, SSM, PCM

Quality Guaranteed

We intend to complement our customers with high-quality and cost-effective SAP resources and expertise at an unprecedented level of contractual flexibility. To go short: we offer highly qualified SAP consultants at very competitive rate levels within the boundaries of any possible contract variant (fixed-price or time-material without limitations for minimal contract terms of utilization levels).


Where To Find Us

JLLC Ozone Consulting                

Pobediteley av.89/3,              

Minsk, Belarus, 220020          

Tel: +375 17 228 53 51

Fax: +375 17 228 54 82

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