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We offer implementations that can address these issues, offering solutions that can quickly add value to the whole company’s business, helping them to improve efficiency, boost productivity and identify opportunities within their own, often complex, organizations.

Ozone provided its experience, expertise and foundational information to support pivotal decision-making in major projects for big oil & gas producers such as ADGAS, NDC, Gazprom, Socar. In these implementations we brought together deep industry and technical knowledge and managed to provide our customers with analytical and strategic reporting capabilities they need to plan for their future.

Below are the examples of the services we can offer our customers, including implementation of the entire line of SAP products, development of IP applications for planned data input and storage at the database (including short-term and long-term planning functionality), extraction and comparison of the actual and planned data, formalisation and automatisation of the basic business processes covering such areas like:

·        Human resources management

·        Sales management

·        Financial accounting

·        Material flows

·        Supply chain

·        Risk management

Offering a complex automation of the basic business processes of the company by transferring them into the BI system we give its users possibility to make timely administrative decisions due to extensive reporting and accessible database of operative information. As a result creating solutions that can be easily integrated into the components of the information-management system.  

About Us

Ozone is a Dutch based SAP sourcing and outsourcing services provider with an Eastern European SAP Competence Center located in Minsk, Belarus. We bridge onsite demand for and nearshore supply of SAP resources and expertise. We exist to complement the SAP operation of our customers in Western Europe, CIS and MENA regions.Our customers are either SAP specialized services providers or SAP-run endcustomers.


What We Do

We are a company specialising in BAT this stands for Business Analytics Technology , with the main focus  on business analytics. 

∙             SAP BO

∙             SAP BO dashboards 

∙             SAP BO Web Intelligence

∙             SAP Crystal reports

∙             SAP Analytics 

∙             SAP BI Integrated planning 

∙             SAP BPC, SSM, PCM

Quality Guaranteed

We intend to complement our customers with high-quality and cost-effective SAP resources and expertise at an unprecedented level of contractual flexibility. To go short: we offer highly qualified SAP consultants at very competitive rate levels within the boundaries of any possible contract variant (fixed-price or time-material without limitations for minimal contract terms of utilization levels).


Where To Find Us

JLLC Ozone Consulting                

Pobediteley av.89/3,              

Minsk, Belarus, 220020          

Tel: +375 17 228 53 51

Fax: +375 17 228 54 82

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Send CV to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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